Coastal Examples

Pelabuhan Ratu Breakwater

Stubby AJs underlayer

Placing AJs armour layer

AJs fronting caisson wall

Project: Pelabuhan Fishing Port
Description: Breakwater and jetty for fishing port. AJs were used for primary armour
and stubby AJs were used for underlayer.
Location: Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, Indonesia
Structure Type: Breakwater and Jetty

Owner: Directorate General of Fishery
Engineer: LAPI-ITB
Contractor: Pembangunan Perumahan (PP)
Project Date: 2001

Design Conditions: wave height = 3.5 m
wave period = 10 s
structure slope = 1.5H:1V
design water depth = 4.0 m

Armour Layer: Randomly placed round end AJs
C = 2.5 m
W = 2.23 tonnes
Number = 2430 units

Underlayer: Round end stubby AJs
C = 1.7 m
W = 1.7 tonnes
Number = 2918 units