Coastal Examples

Port Fourchon Breakwaters

3 meter AJs

Barge loaded with AJs

Reef breakwater

Another reef breakwater

Project: Port Fourchon Offshore Breakwaters
Description: Seven segmented offshore breakwaters constructed as double rows of AJs placed on a rubble berm.
Location: Port Fourchon, Louisiana, USA
Structure Type: Offshore Breakwaters

Owner: Port of Port Fourchon
Engineer: -
Contractor: MidSouth Erosion Control
Project Date: -

Design Conditions: wave height = __ m
wave period = __ s
structure slope = not applicable
design water depth = __ m

Armour Layer: Uniformly placed square end AJs
C = 3.05 m
W = 4.55 tonnes

Underlayer: Exposed quarry stone base 0.10 - 1.0 m in diameter