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River Applications

General Information

SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US COERiver Hydraulics 1993.10.151761,228
Bank Stability
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US DOTErosion and Sediment Control1995.06.3119917,843
US COEChannel Stability Assessment1994.10.311177,768
US COESheet Pile Walls1994.01.3175798
US FHWAArticulated Block Overtopping1989.11.0114613,034
US SCSLoose Riprap Protection1989.07.011075,457
US FHWAFlexible Ditch Linings1985.09.01945,891
US FHWASpur Streambank Stabilization Structures1985.07.0111210,468
US FHWAEmbankment Overtopping Damage1984.03.0122019,940
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US COEDesign and Construction of Levees2000.04.301645,415
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US FHWABridge Scour & Stream Countermeasures 3rd Ed, v12009.09.--25623.191
US FHWABridge Scour & Stream Countermeasures 3rd Ed, v22009.09.--37630,188
US FHWATidal Hydrology, Hydraulics & Scour at Bridges2004.12.--1684,753
US FHWAEvaluation and Repair of Bridge Components1995.11.0136627,527
US FHWAStream Hazards to Highways and Bridges1981.03.0125831,083
US FHWAHydraulics Problems at Bridges1978.09.0156085,713
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
Culvert Design Notes 1265
US COE Conduits, Culverts, and Pipes 1998.03.31873,410
US FHWA Scour at Culvert Outlets 1982.09.011206,644
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
USGS Roughness Coefficients of Natural Channels 965,150
USGS Selecting Mannings Coefficients 673,510
US SCS Selecting Mannings Coefficients 1963.12.01466,399
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US COEIce Engineering1999.04.303003,995
SourceTitleDatePages   Size (KB)
US COELandscape and Vegetation Maintainence     2000.01.0114111
US FHWAGeosynthetic Design Guidelines1998.03.0147960,649